Gouache used to be a rather obscure medium used mostly in advertising illustration and design. Because of its close resemblance to art produced by Adobe Illustrator, it began to make inroads into the general art world right along with the digital age. Now it is trending in commercial illustration to the point that you can’t pick up a publication without seeing gouache in action.

The more popular Gouache becomes, the more people want to learn about what it is and what it can do. The answer that it is “opaque watercolor” is just the tip of the iceberg and does not come close to defining the medium.

This class does define the medium and some of its scope. By using little T-shirt illustrations, we will learn four different ways to use Gouache, and how it can mimic not only watercolor, but acrylics and oils, and even batik.

A class for every level.

No experience is necessary to take this class. Beginners will be very comfortable, and even seasoned users will learn about possibilities they may not have thought of. So, join me in this class and you too will be explaining “Oh My Gouache!”


Gouache paint in tubes ª Paint Brushes ª Watercolor or Mixed Media Paper ª Mixing Palette


How to use gouache as flat color. Thought this is the most common use of Gouache, getting it right takes some know-how.

How to use Gouache as watercolor.

How to create dimension and a range of values in Gouache and leave the flat look behind.

How to overpaint Gouache in simple and complex ways - with layering and blending like oil or acrylic paint.

Some special effect to create a very unusual look you haven’t seen before.

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