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Watercolor Pencils are the sketcher’s dream tool for portability and ease of use. 

Many people don’t know that used in the right way these brilliantly colored pencils can melt your heart with their ability to imitate watercolor and go beyond that with tricks of their own that watercolor cannot do.

Create a picture color chart while completing this course.

15 Video Lessons (Downloadable) 2.5 Hours       $25

Gouache has become very popular in illustration these days - you see it everywhere. 

But what is it, how do you use it, and does it have to be so flat? Learn all of that and more in this introductory class.

Gouache can be a very exciting medium if you know a few tricks. We demonstrate those tricks on small T-Shirt paintings.

16 Video Lessons (Downloadable) 2 Hours       $25